1967 427 Tripower Roadster

Martins 67 roadster had suffered a bit over the years and was well in need of some attention.

A rare bird indeed, this is a matching number 1967 427/435hp tripower roadster, originally in Marina blue with factory side pipes  and bolt on wheels, this is a good looking machine, or at least it will be....
  • 11th Jul 11

    Looks like a fairly straight restoration candidate here. The brief was a body off and respray, maybe a bit of interior work....

  • 12th Jul 11

    Martin had already started to strip the car at home, removing a few bits and pieces. Notice the small block alternator bracket and the home made brace.

  • 20th Jul 11

    A few more shots of underneath, not a pretty sight is it. At first inspection it looks scruffy but basically sound, look more closely at the last picture. Theres something going with number 4 body mount that rings a few alarm bells.....

  • 24th Aug 11

    Fast forward a month now and the body has been removed, everything cleaned and stripped, the chassis sandblasted and primed ready for the serious work to begin.

    There was a lot uncovered when the car was stripped, this car had some racing history form its early days and there were plenty of battle scars to prove it.

  • 25th Aug 11

    Some of the suspension components in the paint shop, the new bushes have been installed and they are about to receive the last coats of satin black. 

  • 28th Aug 11

    The upper A arm complete with the new bushings installed and a new upper ball joint.

  • 29th Aug 11

    The driveshafts were given the same treatment, after the old U/J's were removed, the driveshafts were sandblasted and repainted, then new U/J's installed.

  • 30th Aug 11

    The rebushed and repainted trailing arms were rebuilt with new bearings, along with new disc backing plates and handbrake internals.

    Front hubs were also rebuilt with new bearings and backing plates.

  • 15th Sep 11

    This shows some of the damage to the inner fenders, there were plenty of cracks that needed repair.

  • 4th Oct 11

    The mighty 427 fresh out of the paint shop. 

  • 29th Nov 11

    Remember the suspect number 4 body mount? Here it is in more detail...

  • 30th Nov 11

    And it doesn't stop there. This is the diff crossmember mount that has suffered prior damage.

    The second picture is the front lower A arm mount that has been bent.

  • 5th Dec 11

    The rear chassis leg was bent quite badly out of shape, hence the modified number 4 body mount. There were various other areas of damage on the leg and it was deemed replacement of the entire chassis leg was in order.

  • 12th Dec 11

    The new chassis leg installed. Other repairs were made to the diff crossmember mount and the A arm mount also.

  • 13th Dec 11

    After the differential is cleaned the rear cover is removed so the side yoke seals and diff gasket can be replaced. At the same time the finished chassis receives its primer and then satin black topcoat.

  • 23rd Dec 11

    After the inner fenders were repaired the rest of the engine bay and firewall were prepped and given the satin black treatment, as was the underbody and wheel wells.

    After that we reinstalled the recored radiator and the new brake booster and master cylinder. We also cleaned and repaired the wiring harnesses as necessary.

  • 10th Feb 12

    What a difference! The engine and chassis mated together once again and looking very nice.

    Everything re-bushed and rebuilt with new callipers, fuel and brake lines.

  • 11th Feb 12

    The monstrous 427 back in place. This was cleaned and repainted and the intake manifold cleaned and reinstalled with new gaskets. Carburettors rebuilt, exhaust manifolds blasted and treated. A lot of work but looks great.

  • 25th Feb 12

    It was at this time that Martin decided that he wanted us to paint the car back in its original Marina blue so we got to stripping the paint, we had an inkling that there would be problems under the paint but we weren't expecting quite as much as we found.

    The back end was pretty thick with body filler, this is the area round the deckled and left rear fender. This also shows the damage to both door skins by the handle.

  • 26th Feb 12

    The main problems were at the front end. The bodywork here had been poorly repaired in the past just about everywhere.

  • 10th Sep 12

    We decided the best course of action was to replace the front end in its entirety. Not something to be entered into lightly though. It is a massive amount of work. This is the preliminary trial fit and trimming.

  • 11th Sep 12

    We also replaced the left rear fender.

  • 20th Feb 13

    once the body panels are bonded into place it is time to fit and align headlights, drill holes for emblems, park lights, door gaps have to be sanded out and so on. Will it ever end???

  • 24th Apr 13

    Finally in primer and looking very smart. After so long in the bodywork stage it really makes a difference to see the car in one colour again, even if it is olive drab!

  • 6th Jul 13

    The final prep before topcoat, exciting times!

  • 6th Aug 13

    Back in blue again and looking magnificent.

  • 21st Sep 13

    If you ever want to test your nerve, try masking one of these out.....

  • 27th Sep 13

    Coming together nicely now. The refurbished wheels with new redline tyres fitted and looking sharp. New windscreen fitted and the trims polished, bumpers on, nearly there...

  • 3rd Oct 13

    New carpets getting installed and the refurbished dash cluster installed.

  • 14th Jan 14

    Interior just about finished, carpets and dash in, the glovebox door has had a new aluminium insert fitted and a set of 3 point seat belts fitted. The shift console has been refurbished and everything looking good.

  • 10th Jun 14

    Finished...And looking lovely. I was very pleased that Martin decided to refinish the car in the correct colour. The car drove superbly and was, as you would expect, very fast, very loud, and very lovely!