1968 327 Coupe Body Off and Repaint

For many years my Dad had a 69 roadster in LeMans blue with a blue interior, I always liked that car and when I was offered this 68 coupe in the same colour combination that needed a straightforward restoration I leapt in head first.....

What could possibly go wrong?
  • 16th Aug 07

    The start of the project, this is the 'What have I done???' moment....

  • 17th Aug 07

    But it is matching numbers and fully loaded.....

  • 19th Aug 07

    First job was to get the car MOT'd so it could be registered. The car had sat for some time so new brakes were required throughout. The plan was to then drive the car a little bit as is and get a feel for what it needed.

  • 3rd Oct 07

    Once the car was registered the restoration began. The first hiccup was some surprise rust in the windshield frame in the lower right corner. Everything else was perfect with the exception of this one area.

  • 13th Oct 07

    I don't remember what the problem was here, but this is the left rear quarter removed and ready for a new panel to be bonded on.

  • 18th Dec 07

    The new seat covers and foam installed. The frames have been sandblasted and resprayed satin black.

  • 27th Dec 07

    Ronni came in with me over the Christmas holidays and we lifted the body. Having already had a couple of unexpected setbacks it was a relief to find the chassis in as lovely condition as I had hoped.

  • 28th Dec 07

    The chassis came apart very easily and was soon ready for sandblasting.

  • 14th Jan 08

    The chassis back from the sandblasters, this often uncovers some unseen nasties. Nothing to see here though!

  • 21st Jan 08

    Once the frame was painted the chassis could be assembled. The A arms have been re-bushed, trailing arms rebuilt with new wheel bearings, new diff seals and U/J's

    Note also the stainless steel fuel lines and kunifer brake lines, and the new crossmember for the 700R4 4 speed auto transmission.

  • 23rd Feb 08

    With the chassis complete attention turns to the body. Here the engine bay has been resprayed and rebuilt with a new brake booster and master cylinder. The wiring looms have been cleaned and new A arm flaps installed. The headlights have also been rebuilt with new bushes for smooth operation.

  • 7th Apr 08

    The original 327 motor back from my machinist. This has been rebuilt with +20 pistons and a reground crank, then fitted with an Edelbrock Performer camshaft, and of course recoated in Chevy orange.

  • 8th Apr 08

    Then the motor is finished off with a set of Edelbrock aluminium cylinder heads and intake manifold, and a tach drive HEI distributor, The 327 was a superb motor and this combination is really lovely, don't forget about that 4 speed auto....

  • 9th May 08

    The body on and engine and transmission installed, note the aluminium radiator, the ones we use are the best available and the fit is superb.

  • 15th Sep 08

    Back from the paintshop, probably the most satisfying part of any restoration is seeing the car in colour for the first time...

  • 4th Oct 08

    Fitting the exterior trim was next, all the brightwork has been rechromed, new emblems, grilles, light lenses, everything has to be fresh and bright on a new paint job!

    I never liked the 7" wheels on 68's so I changed these for a set of later 8" rims that fill the wheel arch better.

  • 5th Oct 08

    The new interior going in, the original dash was cleaned and the instrument clusters refinished, new carpets installed and the new seats fitted.

  • 16th Oct 08

    Nearly finished, just waiting for a couple of emblems. Parked next to a C5 I had for a while, there's 30 years of progress for you....

  • 7th Mar 09

    And there it is. I didn't have the car very long after it was finished, I don't know why but it just never really did it for me. Soon after I sold the 68 in 2009 I bought my 62 which I still have today so I guess it all worked out in the end.....