1971 350 Coupe Windshield Frame Repairs

Tony's lovely 71 was suffering badly with the drivers door dropping and water getting into the cockpit, suspecting the worst, a visit to CK was in order!
  • 28th Apr 11

    With the windscreen removed we can see what we have to deal with here. This is looking down onto the tops of the fenders. Looks pretty rotten in there.

  • 29th Apr 11

    As is often the case, someone has been in here before. This is looking at the upper frame rail. You can see body filler and black paint in there.

  • 30th Apr 11

    We decided that the best way forward was to replace the entire windshield frame assembly with a good used one that we had in stock. Normally this is an absolute last resort as not only is it a time consuming and therefore expensive job. the parts are also very hard to come by and it is a very invasive repair. We are well versed in this type of work and understand exactly what to do in this situation. 

  • 1st May 11

    As you can see the interior has been completely removed. We don't take any chances here...Once the bulky part of the windshield frame has been removed we can start the more delicate job of cutting out the bad metal making sure that nothing is removed that will be needed later on....

    Most other shops would want to remove the front end bodywork to gain access to the windshield frame. Here we do it all from the inside out so as not to harm the front end bodywork or paint, not only is this kinder to the car it also means you don't have the expense of paintwork.

  • 20th May 11

    Here the old metalwork has been completely cut out and we are ready to fit the replacement frame. As you can see the bodywork is not hurt at all, only the door jamb fibreglass is removed to gain access to the metal beneath it.

  • 17th Jun 11

    And its as simple as that....The new windshield frame installed, still more to do though.

  • 18th Jun 11

    The windshield frame gets bonded and riveted to the insides of the inner fender bodywork.

  • 21st Jun 11

    A few finishing touches and we're done.

  • 6th Aug 11

    The new glass installed and the interior refitted, the door shut fibreglass reinstalled and the door jambs painted, new weatherstripping is on and another one finished. Tonys car is a real nice machine, just goes to show what can lie beneath....

  • 10th Dec 14

    Fast forward a couple of years and Tony decided to get the car repainted, here we are part way through stripping the paint. We always use chemical stripper rather than sanding so we don't lose the sharp edges on the fenders or sand away the fiberglass. We see a lot of cars where the front wings have been sanded so thin they flex...

  • 13th Jan 15

    All stripped and ready to go to the paintshop.

  • 12th Mar 15

    Looking sharp!

  • 16th Jun 15

    Looking really good in its fresh coat of Mille Miglia red. We have looked after Tony's car for a number of years and it just keeps getting better and better with every visit.