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The Groves family have been involved with Corvettes since 1964. A family business, we understand the needs of the Corvette owner and offer a complete service including maintenance, refurbishment, repair, and restoration, along with an extensive parts supply and fast mail order service.

We are assured through our many long-standing customers that our high standard of work coupled with the best quality parts available and a fast efficient mail order service show us to be the UK’s leading Corvette specialist. 

We offer a range of service packages, including suspension rebuilds, brake overhauls and prime unit rebuild. One of our most popular packages is body off frame refurbishment.

Our chassis refurbishment package offers exceptional value for money and the work is completed to a high standard, proof of this is that many of our frame refurbished cars have gone on to win Gold and Top Flight awards at CCCUK and NCRS events, even the Classic American 'Car Of The Year' award. This package is designed to make your Corvette drive the way a Corvette should. In addition to being cosmetically pleasing, it is priced realistically and with full consultation. See our body off section for some start to finish videos.

Repair and restoration is the mainstay of our business, and we are considered to be the UK’s leading Corvette restoration specialist. Our focus is on quality, we have a good eye for detail and the knowledge and equipment required to ensure the job is done right first time every time. Take a look through our services, workshop stories, and news sections for an example of what we can do for you.

As well as repair and restoration Corvette Kingdom has long been at the forefront of modifying early Corvettes in the UK, examples of this include conversions to rack and pinion steering, disc brakes, five and six speed manual and four speed auto transmissions, performance and handling packages to name a few. We have also built many one off specials from the very first Greenwood Daytona and Ecklers Turbo wide body Corvettes in the country, to our 1959 Sting Ray racer and 1966 Grand Sport.

Buying and selling Corvettes is another part of our business and we usually have a range of Corvettes for sale. We are the UK’s most trusted Corvette dealer and will guide you through any prospective purchase with an honest appraisal of the cars overall condition.

Our stock of new and used parts is extensive, the online shop is easy to use and makes buying Corvette parts a pleasure. All stock items are sent by courier for next day delivery. Regular shipments from the USA ensure that even if it isn’t in stock you will never be waiting long for that elusive part.

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How it all began....


Ray Groves bought his first Corvette, a 1960 model in 1964. He received a great deal of interest in the car and began buying and selling Corvettes as a hobby and a sideline to his agricultural business. Within a short time he also began to offer service and repairs to help take care of the growing number of Corvettes in the UK.

1970s - Irstead

Following a car accident in the mid 1970’s Ray decided to sell his agricultural business and move to Norfolk to concentrate on the Corvette business. Basic premises were found in a disused chicken shed in very rural Irstead, Corvette Kingdom was born, and as well as servicing and repairs, Corvette Kingdom’s first body off chassis restoration was performed. Ray and his soon to be partner Chris handling the workshop duties, and Ray’s wife Diana dealing with office work and paint stripping.

1980s - Station Garage, Stalham

In the early 1980’s Corvette Kingdom had outgrown the premises at Irstead and moved to Stalham, the business continued to grow and more and more Corvettes were body off restored. It was here that Ray and Chris built the first Greenwood Daytona and Ecklers turbo bodied cars in the UK. It was also at this time that Ray discovered, and subsequently restored, the 1963 SO pre-production prototype car, another major milestone in Corvette history.

1990s - Heath Farm, Catfield

After countless restorations and repairs, larger premises were needed, and in the mid 1980’s Corvette Kingdom moved again, this time to Heath Farm in Catfield. By this time the business had expanded to include new and used parts supply and a fast mail order business, no internet then remember…

By the late 1980's Rays son Scott had started working for Corvette Kingdom. First in school holidays and then full time. In June 2000 disaster struck when the building next door caught fire which spread and wiped out the workshop, everything gone in the blink of an eye.

Within a few days of the fire an emergency parts shipment was flown over from the USA. Ray had re-established the parts business and was working from home. Scott located a temporary workshop  in Catfield and by the end of July Corvette Kingdom was once again back to servicing and repairing Corvettes.

2000s - Tradebase, Catfield

Soon outgrowing the temporary facility in Catfield, Corvette Kingdom moved again to Moores Yard in Stalham, This was deemed to be too small after a short time and a much larger workshop was located back in Catfield. 

As well as numerous body off chassis rebuilds, Corvette Kingdom broke new ground by being the first in the UK to install Steeroids rack and pinion steering kits and Smart Struts, the first to carry out 700R4 4 speed auto conversions, along with 5 and 6 speed manual transmission swaps. The Catfield location was also the birthplace of some impressive custom and one off builds, including the magnificent 502 cubic inch 1969 roadster, the 1959 Stingray racer, and 1966 Grand Sport copy.

Corvette Kingdom continued to run in two locations at this time, with Ray working from home and dealing with parts supply, and Scott running the workshop. In 2004 Ray was diagnosed with cancer and it was at this time that Scott took over the parts business in addition to running the workshop. This was a very difficult time and in February 2005 Ray passed away. Truly the end of an era and a massive loss to the Corvette community.

It was early in 2006 that Ronni joined Corvette Kingdom and took over the Stingray Racer project. Prior to this Ronni had worked with her father restoring Spitfire aircraft.

Present Day - The Granaries, Felmingham

In 2012 Corvette Kingdom moved once again, this time to their own premises in Felmingham, and continue to offer a wide range of services for the Corvette owner.

Scott and Ronni are well known in Corvette circles for their high standards of work and attention to detail. Diana is still in charge of the office, although paint stripping duties have been handed down the line…