Steering and Brakes

restoring and improving your corvettes performance

Corvette steering and brakes suffer from some very unjust criticism. When properly set up and maintained, Corvette's handling and stopping power is certainly on par with, and exceeds that of many of its contemporaries, as long as they are in good condition. At Corvette Kingdom we are able to restore your Corvettes original performance to factory specifications. Our services include steering column and steering box rebuilds for C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes,

We are very experienced in the Corvettes braking system from a simple bleed to full system replacement including handbrake.

We are also able to offer a number of upgrades to make your Corvette more drivable in modern traffic, including the addition of power steering and power brakes or conversion to rack and pinion steering. 


"(Disc brakes) are such a great improvement over the standard drum brakes of previous years" Road & Track, December 1964

"The Corvette’s vented disc brakes are among the worlds best" Road & Track, March 1969

Improve your solid axle or 63-64 Corvettes stopping power dramatically, eliminate fade and the tendency to wander under hard braking. 

Whilst Corvette drum brakes are very effective, this disc brake conversion will make your Corvette stop as well it goes. Our disc brake conversion is rapidly becoming one of our most popular packages.

To include the following: To remove front hubs, fit rebuilt hub assemblies with new bearings, new stainless steel brake calipers and pads, fit new brake hoses and front/rear proportioning valve.

•1953-62 cars retain the original master cylinder unless specified, original front hubs  are used with new bearings and single pot calipers.

•1963-4 cars utilise 1965 onward front hubs, four pot calipers, and dual circuit master cylinder.

We can make it even more effective by adding a brake booster and upgrading to power brakes.

All the owners of early Corvettes that have had this conversion carried out have all said that it is the biggest single improvement made to their cars. Suspension and detail work available at any stage.

There is also the option of upgraded aluminium brake callipers and/or cross-drilled/slotted discs.

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    1964 Front disc brake conversion
    1964 Power brake conversion
    1962 Power disc brake conversion
    1972 Wilwood disc brake conversion
    1970 Hydroboost power brake conversion
    1971 Powerstop cross drilled discs


A significant improvement over the standard recirculating ball steering box system, the Steeroids rack and pinion kit has become a popular upgrade for Corvettes from 1956 to 1982. This is available in manual or power steered versions and we can supply only or install for you. The rack and pinion conversion kit starts at £1538.90 supply only or £2195 installed, all plus vat. Contact us for more details. 

    1969 Steeroids rack and pinion steering conversion
    1969 Steeroids rack and pinion steering conversion
    1978 Steeroids rack and pinion steering conversion
    1970 Steeroids rack and pinion steering conversion
    1970 Steeroids rack and pinion steering conversion
    1970 Steeroids rack and pinion steering conversion


If you are starting to find driving your Corvette hard work and less pleasurable than it should be due to hard steering or brakes that don't feel up to it in modern traffic then our power steering and power brake conversions are for you. We use correct parts throughout so as not to detract from your cars originality or resale value.

Corvette brakes are superb when working correctly but there is no doubt that non-power brakes really are hard work. Power brakes became standard in Corvettes from 1977 and can be retrofitted in all Corvettes right back to day one. 1963-1976 cars utilise factory correct boosters, master cylinders, brake lines etc, 1963-1966 cars utilise a 1967 style master cylinder and proportioning valve.  1953-1962 cars use an aftermarket brake booster and dual circuit master cylinder, We can supply as a kit for you to install or we can install for you. For cars with aggressive camshaft profiles and poor vacuum we are able to supply and install a hydro-boost braking system which draws from the power steering.

Power steering also became standard in 1977. There is no need to struggle anymore with heavy steering. Corvette power steering is superb, light enough to park comfortably but not so light as to be devoid of any feeling at normal road speed and is truly a pleasure. We can supply as a kit or supply and install. Available for all Corvettes from 1963-1976, earlier cars can be converted using a Steeroids rack and pinion kit.

Steeroids rack and pinion kits are easily installed at this time on all years.

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    1964 Power brake conversion
    1970 Hydroboost power brake conversion
    1962 Power disc brake conversion
    1969 Steeroids rack and pinion steering conversion
    1963 Power steering and disc brake conversion
    1968 Power brake conversion