Suspension Overhaul

the best driving corvettes out there

A well set up Corvette in good shape is a joy to drive, but there are so many out there that are not what they could or should be. This can be due to a number of reasons, either poor maintenance in the past, or even poor setup, more often than not it can be just old age.

A phrase we often hear is 'I thought they were all like that' At Corvette Kingdom we have the experience and know how to make your Corvette a pleasure, just like it was meant to be


Bring your front suspension back to factory specification. Our front suspension overhaul package starts consists of the following:

To remove upper and lower A - arms, Remove upper and lower ball joints and replace with new Moog ball joints. Replace upper and lower rubber bushings and refit with new coil springs and anti roll bar link kits. Polyurethane bushes and/or lowering springs can be installed on request.

This package is a major step toward improving your Corvettes handling and driveability.

    1972 Front suspension rebuilt
    1972 Upper A-arms with new bushes and ball joints
    1972 upper A-arms with new bushes and ball joints
    1972 upper A-arms with new bushes and ball joints
    1972 Upper A-arm shims and new shock absorber
    1972 Lower A-arms with new bushes and ball joints


Too often overlooked, if your rear spring is starting to flatten, or is cranked up at the ends and the leaves starting to separate, now is the time for replacement. Act now before your rear spring gives way and causes serious damage. 

    1969 rear spring and diff mount reinforcement
    1972 Rear spring bolts and bushes
    1972 Rear spring mount plate
    1972 Rear spring bolts and bushes
    1972 Rear spring replacement
    1969 Rear spring replacement


This is the way to really make your Corvette get down and boogie. We can make your car as tight and together as the day it was built with our full suspension overhaul package. Given the right tyre choice and good wheel alignment this package will transform your Corvette.. Any other work required, e.g. rear wheel bearing replacement, trailing arm rebuilds, shock absorbers etc can be carried out economically at this time.

Four wheel alignment and sandblasting/spraying facilities available.

    1970 Rear suspension rebuilt and Smart-Struts
    1970 Rebuilt driveshafts and Smart-Struts
    1970 Front suspension rebuilt, new discs/callipers
    1972 Rear suspension rebuilt and new rear spring
    1967 Upper A-arm with new bushes and ball joints
    1967 Front suspension rebuilt
    1972 Rebuilt rear suspension
    1972 Rebuilt driveshafts and strut rods
    1972 Front suspension rebuilt
    1972 Upper A-Arm bush installed correctly
    1972 Worn upper A-Arm bush
    1972 Worn upper A-Arm bush


Smartstruts offer a significant improvement to your Corvettes rear suspension. Bringing the strut rods into better alignment with the driveshafts they stiffen the rear end dramatically, reduce rear wheel camber change whilst cornering, and all but eliminate the bounce from composite springs. Along with gas shock absorbers these are an absolute must for cars with a composite monospring. We can supply only or install for you.

Please note these will not clear a stock under car exhaust system on 1963-1967 Corvettes

    1969 with Smart-Struts
    1969 with Smart-Struts
    1959 Stingray racer with Smart-Struts
    1972 with stock strut rods and mount bracket
    1968 with Smart-Struts
    1968 with Smart-Struts

Trailing arm rebuild/rear wheel bearing replacement.

Trailing arm bush and rear wheel bearing replacement are two jobs most owners don't want to get involved in. Neither are particularly straightforward and both are pretty time consuming. Trailing arm removal can be a real headache if the mount bolt is seized and alignment shims are rusted in. We have seen trailing arms removed so badly by other garages that the arm has to be replaced just because of damage incurred during removal. 

See the pictures below for a couple of the horror stories we have come across. 

    Trailing arm split along welds
    Spindle threads damaged
    Outer bearing not seated correctly
    Dry bearing carrier
    Spindle shortened and split pin missing
    Spindle worn on inner bearing seat
    Trailing arm bush incorrectly installed
    Dry bearing carrier
    Dry bearing carrier and spindle
    1968 Trailing arm rust
    1968 Trailing arm rust
    1968 Trailing arm rust

how it should be done...

We have the tools and the experience to handle this job from start to finish. We are also able to replace rear wheel bearings in situ which is the most economic route.

    Rebuilt trailing arms - painted with new backing plates
    New spindle and bearings installed in situ
    New spindle and bearings set up and ready to install
    Rebuilt trailing arm - unpainted
    Correctly installed spindle showing split pin
    Correctly installed trailing arm bush