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Some Corvette chassis are starting to give serious problems. A corroded chassis can be the root cause of many headaches for the Corvette owner. If the handling of your car is poor, if the rear end feels unstable, even if you feel this is the only area that lets your car down cosmetically, body off is the way to go.

However, it’s not just a corroded or damaged chassis that can give problems, worn or non-existent bushings, corroded fuel and brake lines…when did you last look under your car?

Whilst we can give you a good idea of what to expect before the body is lifted, It is not possible to give a firm price in advance for this work because we won’t know the full state of the chassis until the body has been lifted.

Additional work that is often required, and at additional cost can include some or all of the following:

  • Full disassembly and sandblasting of the chassis and components
  • Welding to repair rust damage to the chassis and/or birdcage
  • Suspension re-bushing
  • Suspension rebuilds/modifications/upgrades
  • Replacing U-Joints
  • Replacing differential yokes/gaskets/seals
  • Replacing fuel and brake lines
  • Engine and transmission rebuilds/upgrades
  • Respraying engine bay and underside of body
  • Chassis rustproofing
  • Other detail work

It is extremely cost effective at this time to consider any upgrades, transmission conversions, power or rack and pinion steering and disk brake conversions etc.

As well as being the answer for those cars with chassis corrosion and component wear, it is also ideal for the Corvette owner who would like the satisfaction of knowing the chassis and drivetrain are finished to the same standard as the rest of the car.

Benefits of chassis refurbishment:

Longer chassis life 

Rust prevention and repair

Improved handling  and extended tyre life 

Cosmetic improvement 

Peace of mind

Corvette Kingdom were the first in the UK to perform body off chassis rebuilds and have become widely known for this service. Please call for more information and full explanation of what is involved, the videos give an in depth look at some previous body offs.

Body Off Videos

Corvette Kingdom are the UK’s leading body off restoration specialists. See the latest video updates here.

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Body Off Videos
    1970 430hp 6 speed and body off
    Stingray Racer chassis 430hp 4 speed auto
    1959 Body mount repair
    1959 Battery tray replaced
    1966 327 Body off and 5 Speed conversion
    1972 Body off with Wilwood brake conversion
    1972 with Wilwood brake conversion and side pipes
    1972 Coupe on the whirligig!
    1972 Coupe on the whirligig!
    1963 Chassis repair
    1972 Body off with aluminium heads and pulleys
    1972 Lower A-arm mount repair
    1967 Rear chassis leg replaced
    1963 with power steering and power brake conversion
    1967 Rebuilt chassis reassembly
    1978 Trailing arm pocket repair - during
    1967 Chassis ready for waxoil
    1978 4 speed auto, aluminium heads and headers
    1978 Trailing arm pocket repair - before
    1966 Aluminium radiator and electric fan
    1969 Body off - after!
    1966 Body off with new gas tank
    1980 Coupe on the whirligig!
    1967 Body off
    1962 Body off
    Our whirligig ready for your body??
    1978 Body off - after!
    1978 Body off
    1972 Front crossmember repair
    1972 Restored chassis